Blog Action Day 09

Climate Change, an issue which affects everyone but not all is concerned about it. Are we not aware of the obvious effects of climate change? It's time to extend you helping hand. Me and you and everyone can make a difference.!

On the 15th of October, the largest social change event on the web will happen. It is Blog Action Day 2009. What is it? Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world's bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 will be the largest-ever social change event on the web. One day. One issue. Thousands of voices.

This is a major event and everyone is encourage to join. Is it hard for you to do this little thing to reach out to others and make a difference? It isn't. So, extend your hand, make some change. Help our Mother Earth and let no people suffer from Climate change.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard. Join today!

Visit the official site at BlogActionDay.Org

Do three simple steps and that's it!

1. Register your blog

2. Put the badge to your site

3. Embed BAD(Blog Action Day) 09 video clip

Are you ready to be a part of a most significant change on the Web?

Join, Act, Help and Stop Climate change for the better BEST!



Rocky said...

It is very Right that the Global warming is going to create havoc gradually and the need of the hour is that all of us stand united in the cause of saving our earth from the bad effects of the Global warming. Very Nice Article you have written.

aprces said...

blog action day is periodic bright day for every blogger to show something by themselves but in one theme, it's a very interesting interaction in the blogosphere, i paid attention to each action day, thans for your good tips

Radu said...

Great campaign to fight against global climate change.

sajjad.axe said...

simply superb campaign , sure gonna add that to my blog,Very Nice Article you have written.

cool info , keep posting

orhhorst said...

Finally I have found such an interesting blog. I`ve been looking for something like this. I`ll recommend it to my friens. Thank you so much.


very use full article a bout global warming thanks for sharing very nice information.

Alaeldeen said...

simply superb campaign , sure gonna add that to my blog,Very Nice Article you have written.

cool info , keep posting

ramy09 said...

The Ill Effects Of Climate Change

Now-a-days we hear about Climate Change more
often than before. Climate change is a global phenomenon and the term "Climate Change" is indeed a straightforward expression for such a complex subject. In fact, it has more than we can comprehend from this phrase and that is why it is quite essential to go at defining climate change in today's scenario.

In the present glossary of researchers and scientists, climate modification as a term is no longer in use and effect. The reason behind this is that we have come to realize the effect of the changes we make to our environment will eventually increase the temperature in many parts of the world, but at the same time will also be decrease in temperature for few parts of the planet. This however, creates a general imbalance in the climate of the world which in turn leads us to the phrase, "Climate Change."

While wondering the effects of this phenomenon, the things you know of as climate modification is actually referred to as global a global phenomenon of climate change. However, with all the details and statistics we have in hand at present, we can definitely conclude that the world is unquestionably warming with the temperatures rising like never before.

This is a global problem with many natural disasters started taking shape; the general awareness of this factor is really low. For the better understanding of the issues associated with this phenomenon, we require a simple definition in relation to the warming of the planet. And this definition needs to be the one that brings us the essence of this problem without compromising the simplicities.

However, the easiest and most precise definition is that it is the effect greenhouse gases have on the earth's overall climate. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide and methane, but are not limited to these two.

While learning more about this issue, we need to understand few important facts associated with it. The first fact is that it is both a natural phenomena and one catalyzed by us. For instance, greenhouse gases are a natural part of the biosphere and would exist if man did not. In fact, these gases are a vital component to the existence of life on this planet.

It is due to the existence of the greenhouse gases, the temperature on planet earth does not average zero degrees! These naturally occurring gases help to keep the temperature at a desirable 59 degrees. But, the climate change, which is due to the greenhouse gases, is not indeed natural. In fact, the problem we are facing is the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

These gases act as thermal blankets for the atmosphere. The more gas in the atmosphere, the thicker the blanket and the less heat escapes from earth. In the last 80years, we have been releasing these gases into our atmosphere and thus helping them to form a blanket.

On the other hand, we are reducing forests around the planet, which are the natural plant collection that absorb greenhouse gases. This double whammy is starting to show negative results, the increased heating of our world, and thus the beginning of the dreaded climate change.

stacybliz said...

really superb this article will bring global awareness among people throughout the world... please keep up your good work...

Thank you admin

harish said...

it is a great opportunity for every blogger to showcase their talents and exhibit their skills and good information from this post.

Shev said...

I agree completely. People should be more concerned about climate change. I would love for some careless people to look down on the world in 50 years and see the mess they left behind. It's the responsibility of everyone to do whatever they can to combat this.

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