Historical Places in Pangasinan

The province of Pangasinan is not just blessed with natural attractions. It is also a home of historical places which will be treasured for a lifetime. The people from Pangasinan aren't just part of history but places here had been a special part too of what can be called a legend.

One of these Historical Places is the Lingayen Gulf near to the Provincial Capitol. This had been one of the landing areas of the American Forces, way back January 9, 1945. This resulted then into Northen Luzon Liberation.

Of course, the White Beach along Nibaliw West to Mabilao in San Fabian is a famous place too for this is where the Commander if the Japanese Imperial Expeditionary Forces, Lt. General Homma landed on the 24th of December 1941.

Another place to mention would be Limahong Channel. This Channel was dugg by Chinese Corsair Limahong when he didn't succeeded to colonized parts of Manila Bay. This Channel paved way for his escape going to the China Sea.

Another famous and legendary place is the Old St. John’s Cathedral in Zamora Street Dagupan City. This is where the Spanish General surrendered to the Filipino revolutionist General Francisco Makabulos.

Of course, who would forget Bonuan Beach which had become one of the landing sites of the Liberation Forces during the year 1945. You can see here Japanese Park, the Tondaligan Park and the MacArthur Landing Marker too which have been a popular spot for visitors.

One certain school in Dagupan City had became the official headquarters of General MacArthur during his stay here. It was the West Central Elementary School specifically the Home Economics Building.

The Provincial Capitol of Lingayen also showcases memorabilias which have been used during the war and the relics commemorating the heroes and famous people during the War.

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